It's no secret, I LOVE making dresses. And now that summer has finally hit (it's August!) I have busted out my sun dresses and am frollicking in glee (as one should do in a sun dress). I am wearing my spring dress as I write. :)

But seeing as how the rest of the summer was cold and foggy, I have to constantly evaluate how many sun dressses I can wear and keep in my small studio apartment. That is why, I've decided to start designing more versatile dresses, perfect for galivanting around the city, going to dinner, or casually hanging out with friends. My casual striped dresses are my first foray in to this category. Here is my inspiration for more versatile dresses that can be warmed up by tights and a jacket and are still perfectly feminine pieces:

I love this dress because it is easy and yet still stylish. Made from a lycra blend, it is casual enough for everyday wear, but also a classy little piece.
View F of this McCall's pattern could be extended into a dress, or View F of this Simplicity pattern, although this last one might be a little more fancy.

I bought this pattern on sale from Vogue and loved the way they played with different patterns. Of course, playing with patterns is also a very intimidating undertaking. But when I saw this dress at the right, made by one of the girls over at Pattern Reviews, I was tempted to give it a try. I like the dark pattern that could be good for work with the fun, flowery print peeking through. To make it good for cold weather, I would wear it with some thick black tights.

OK, I'm guilty with this one, in that it is definetly a bit more of a warm weather dress than I wanted, I loved how casual it was with the great print. maybe if I added some black sleeves?

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