Malinche Dress

Fabric: Lycra (bodice) and Mexican Tunic Dress
Pattern: Loosely based on McCall's Misses'/Miss Petite Tunics #M5325 with added pockets
Cost: $20 for tunic dress

The Malinche was the indigenous lover to the conquistador Hernán Cortés, serving as his interpreter in the New World to the betrayal of the Aztecs. This dress, like the union of Cortés and the Malinche herself, is a mix of new and old world material: the skirt is from a traditional embroidered Mexican dress, while the bodice is modern-day lycra. Both can be found in Mexico City today--a mestizo dress, if you will. The Malinche dress is made much like my Traditional Mexican Dress except with a bubble hem, a lower waste, and a shorter hem.

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