I looove sweaters. If you are wearing a cute one, I may just want to touch it, examine it, deconstruct it with my eyes... I often find myself attracted to simple patterns, but when it comes to making one myself I can't resist some creative construction. And in this category, Anthropologie takes the cake. Their sweaters are STUNNING. So, I present to you my collection of sweater inspiration.

I found this sweater when I was looking up detailed stitch patterns for a knitted top. I love the variety and creativity. It has so many more patterns than your run-of-the-mill Abercrombie sweater!

Here's another great sweater in yellow. What I like about this one is the sideways band at the bottom, which is knit in rib from one opening to the other. This is the same technique I'm using on the cuffs of my kangaroo pocket sweater.

I like the texture on this one.

And on this one, another (almost) inspiration for my kangaroo pocket sweater. So many great details!

This one caught my eye because I was looking for something to do with a strand of lace flowers I had bought for a pretty penny. I didn't use them on the collar of my Spring Dress because they ended up looking a little too much like a hawaiian lei.

I love the owl cables on this one. Cute and simple.

This is another great classic sweater with some really fun intarsia. Maybe I'll try it on this sweater from the Knit1 magazine. 

This sweater has a great shape and looks like an easy and versatile pattern. Once the money comes in, I MUST BUY! (9098 New Harbor, for future reference.) Hmmm maybe light blue?

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