Embroidered Cards

Materials: card stock, embroidery thread

Before I was an avid sewer, I liked to make cards. I'm still in charge of the family's annual Christmas card artwork, and as a kid I figured the better your thank you notes the more likely you were to keep getting presents!

This year, instead of gifts we decided to exchange cards. Wanting to make mine extra special, I folded my words inside an accordion pull-out and decorated the front of the note with a touch of embroidery. The backside of the embroidery is covered up by my message, which is taped to the back. The only challenge for this is to make sure you don't put too many holes in the card! Use a heavy card stock for best results, and trace your design on lightly so that it can easily be erased. The closure is made with a button and elastic thread, threaded through the card and a piece of clear tape for reinforcement.

In the past, I've also used my machine to embellish cards. For a quick embellishment, run a line of decorative embroidery along the edge of a card. To finish the ends, pull the thread to the back and tie off with a knot.

Check it out at BurdaStyle!

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