Easy Dresses

I have a friend who doesn't want to be photographed in the same dress twice. She's an online shopaholic, and always has the latest, cutest thing, with the shoes to go with it. So when we go out, I can't very well where the same cutout dress that I've worn everywhere since November. But I'm also on a budget, so that means no going out and buying the latest thing that catches my eye (let alone one or two latest things every weekend), even if it is on sale. So in recovery from last weekend and preparation for the next, I dug around in my stash for some free fabric that I could use to make some quick dresses. The quality doesn't have to be super high if you're only going to wear it a few times, plus knits are so easy to fit!

The post for tonight's creation is coming soon, but I wanted to first assemble some of the inspiration for easy going-out pieces I found along the way. I think I'll round out my week with another dress tomorrow.

This one I think I could make with just a simple racer back pattern. I could either do the cutouts (I would start them at the seam, so the back piece would be whole), or better yet just put two button holes at the waist and draw the fabric in. You could even use a keyring to hold it all in the middle. I like the drape.

This could be so simple to make using just a sleeved pattern. No need to fit, or even use zippers if made from a drapey knit.

This pattern is basically just a plunging neckline (triangles) on a skirt with a piece of fabric draped over the back. I wouldn't make mine so low-cut, but there is something sexy to it.

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