80s Prom Dress

Pattern: my variation of Simplicity's Special Occasion Dress #M4070
Fabric: tulle and sparkly tulle
Cost: $20
Mission: 80s Prom

80s prom time in SF!

After a round of thrift store shopping, my friend and I came up empty-handed in the 80s prom dress department. Mars had some amazing pieces but out of our price range for a party costume, and Goodwill and Out of the Closet had no selection! (I did find some awesome blazers at Goodwill though). So, we headed over to Discount Fabrics and picked up some gaudy fabric. Below is some inspiration:

from naddles

And this is the dress in progress:

and with more ruffles!
first steps

Finished details:

Check it out at BurdaStyle and PatternReview.com.


  1. Do you happen to have a pattern for this dress? I really want to try to make it!

  2. hmmm. I basically made the sleek part of the dress using simplicity's bodice pattern (http://www.simplicity.com/p-2091-missmiss-petite-special-occasion-dresses.aspx) and elongated it into a dress. Then I made ruffles and wrapped it around the bottom of the dress and over the shoulder to look like the pink dress (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-N98OcJNqJjU/TWG0IrtwIKI/AAAAAAAACDc/1z_dT3NrSCQ/s1600/6a00d8341c873353ef00e5526899088834-800wi.jpg). a bit of a hack, but good luck!

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  4. Depending on what size you are, can I buy this from you? My office is having an 80's prom-themed Christmas party in a couple of weeks but I have a baby at home and no time to shop for something and lack the know-how to make one. I wear about a size 4 and just need something inexpensive but cute and this is very cute!

  5. Would you be willing to make one to order? I have a company party that's an 80's themed prom night and I like what you've done here but can't find one in my size!

  6. Aww thank you, but unfortunately I don't make clothes for sale. Good luck on your search!

  7. Is there any change of another couple of photos?
    I'm trying to work out what happens to the ruffles at the back?

  8. Hello! The ruffles are just sewn in a loop, so the front looks exactly the same as the back. The ruffles are attached higher at the right hip and then lower on the left, coming back up to form a circle at the back. Hope that helps!

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  10. Where can I buy the dress with black top and floral bottom with peplum from and how much is it? Thanks

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