I Want a Bag

I have a big ol' purse I've been lugging around since I was 19. I like it. I love it. It fits everything that I need, and often more. It's not uncommon for me to pull out a hammer, a tupperwear, or a change of clothes from there. I feel like Mary Poppins (or Hermione Granger, for the younger crowd).

But I also need a simplified bag. Something smaller, sleeker, that I can just slip over my shoulder messenger style and be done with it. Something with lots of small pockets. And something cute!

My inspiration came from a beautiful leather worked clutch I saw in a gallery in Mexico.

When I saw this belt today from oonaballoona, I was reminded of my grandfather's leather punching tool and that I could use that to work with leather. Let's do this!

Here are my pattern options. I'm thinking having a portion like the flap done in leather with fabric under it.

I like these Vogue bags because they have inner pockets (the plural is important), and can either be customized (like the lace front bag at bottom left) or come with built-in interest (like the weave-front bag center right).

OK, these Vogue bags are ugly, but I like that they are sleek and have lots of pockets. I will just have to make them up in a prettier fabric (what's with Vogue and its patchwork collections?!). It would be nice to have a bit of a longer, sleeker bag like this.

Simplicity has its own version of the trendy clutch. A little simpler, but still fun. I like the blue one. No mention of inner pockets.
This is what McCall's offers in terms of hip bags, but they are very BIG and not as intricate as the Vogue ones. Plus, it only says one pocket.

From Burda there are a couple of options. The Diana Bag is a little too big but is the shape I want. There are lots of posted versions for inspiration.

The Dia de los Wallet also caught my eye.

And last but not least, the Burda Shoulder Bag is the shape that I really want But there aren't really any descriptions or finished projects to go off of. And what's the difference between A and B?

I also like this bag, as long as its the right size.

I like this easy frame purse, but can't decide if I want it in small or large. Probably something in the middle.

This bag looks about the right size, but it's kinda plain.

And finally, I like this hipster bag, but still can't decide if this is the shape I'm going to go for.

After looking at some real world examples, I've broken it down into two categories:



  1. hey wow, that's my belt!!!! i'm so glad it inspired you. that belt was in my hands for 3 days before it was bought at my (now neglected) etsy shop, and i'm sad i let it go...

    very interested to see your bag!

  2. oonaballoona that belt is amazing! thanks for sharing it with us. and i put a link to your burda page up there so everyone can be inspired :)


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