Thinking About Wardrobe

It's no secret I love making dresses. But I don't always wear dresses. At work I don't want to show too much leg, it's not always ideal dress weather here, and sometimes you just want to spread out on the weekends in some stretchy pants.

As I continue to make more and more pieces, I wanted to pause and think about what I really do wear.

For work: I love tailored pieces, inspired by menswear. Occasionally I like to throw in a girly ruffled piece. I work at a school, so it also has to be fun and functional. No stilettos for me, but tons of boots and flats.
embroidered cape

tie-front blouse

thick sweaters
quirky prints

On the weekends I like to have fun. I don't have to pretend I'm a seasoned professional any more (who am I kidding anyway). I sometimes just dress like a boy in my flannel and boyfriend jeans, because, let's face it, guys hold the monopoly on comfort. Otherwise, this is when I can flaunt that new dress I just finished.

casual striped dress
floral dress

my casual striped dress
short dress and tights
going out clothes
comfy sweater

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