I don't own many pairs of sweatpants. I have very limited space in my closet, so utilitarian clothes are kept to the practical minimum: one sweatshirt, one pair of sweats, one pair of workout pants  (I do, however, own a ton of track clothes, mostly because I like to work out but I don't like to do laundry). My view is that, by culling my collection, there will be more room for the infinite number of dress variations I find myself making. One can always have a million types of ruffles, buttons, and materials, but a sweatshirt is a sweatshirt and you only need one.

Yesterday, however, I saw a pair of sweats that made me want to add just one more to my collection. They were the effortlessly cool kind, a pair in the sea of students wearing sweats during finals that stood out. They looked pulled together and yet so comfy. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of the "dressy sweats for work" trend that all the internet appears to be discussing when you google "sweatpants" (pictured at right). But a comfy pair to wear around on the weekend might just make my loungewear a little more awesome.

Ideally, I'll make these out of a soft cotton rayon. The drape and feel would be amazing. Barring that, I might make it out of a mottled cotton rayon knit over traditional sweat material. The ones above are from Built By Wendy's Spring 2010 Collection.

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  1. This is also on my To-Do list. I'm curious to see what you are going to make.


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