Summer Sencha

Pattern: Colette Pattern's Sencha #1007
Fabric: 2 1/2 yds silk with a raised nap design
Cost: $37.50

The first time I saw this fabric it captivated my attention. On my second trip to the store I just had to have it. It's a chartreuse silk with a spinach-colored flower design done in a raised nap. It's perfect for a blouse yet has the print detail of a quilting cotton. Finding the perfect pattern to go along with it, however, posed a bit more of a challenge, and so it sat in my stash for about 6 months. I needed a simple pattern to showcase that beautiful print; yet I still wanted it to be fitted and feminine. Finally, I sprung for the Sencha pattern and was thrilled with the results.

Something about this blouse made me want to play with its feminine details. Because I was without my trusty serger, and it would have been hard to match colors anyway, I started to experiment with a decorative seam finish. I went over each seam allowanc with a decorative scallop stitch and then trimmed the allowance close to the stitching. I really liked how it turned out, so I finished the sleeves and hem in the same design.

I was also unconvinced of my ability to button back buttons up the back (I'm simply not that flexible), so I added a side zip and skipped the back buttons altogether. It turns out the whole thing slips nicely over my head anyway, but it was a fun way to practice my rusty zipper skills.

Check it out at BurdaStyle and read my review of this pattern at


  1. I really love the scallop detail. Nice work!

  2. Really pretty blouse. love the scallop detail.

  3. Very cute style and love the way you personalized it! Very nice fabric too...this top would have cost you wayyyyy more than $37.50 in the department store I bet!!

  4. Pretty top! Love your fabric choice.


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