Embroidery Stitch Library

I recently stumbled upon this AMAZING library of embroidery stitches. My only problem: I'm a visual person and so, when I decide to embroider, I want to be able to see a visual library of all my available options. So I organized the stitches, complete with pictures, here for easy reference. Below are some of my favorites, but check out the full library HERE.

I think this one would look great as the string of a balloon:
Zig Zag Cable Chain Stitch

I love nature motifs like this leaf:
Brick Stitch

Another beautiful one:
Raised Fishbone Stitch

I think this one looks like coral:
Double Feather Stitch
Here's a pretty flower:
Lazy Daisy

All this has me inspired to do an embroidered cardigan a la Anthropologie!

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