2011 In Clothes

Total projects: 57 (plus 2 or 3 more I haven't had the chance to post about yet)
Average Cost: $14.12
Total cost: about 1 month's rent
Total pattern purchased: 7 + 1 pattern book
Knitting projects: 4

Goals from 2011:
  • Better construction
    • Accomplished: for the most part, I've taken the time to finish my seams and make durable pieces. Sewing classes in 2010 really helped!
  • Make fewer sundresses, more practical dresses
    • Accomplished: I'm loving my long-sleeved casual dresses and circle skirts
  • Make more work clothes
    • Accomplished: made almost a dozen work-friendly tops, outerwear, and even a dress or two
  • Make my own underwear
    •  Work in progress: I've done a good job developing my pattern, but so far I'm not wearing any of my home-made underwear on the regular
  • Wear something I've made almost every day
    • Work in progress: I wear something I make AT LEAST once a week, often more.

Goals for 2012:
  • Better fit: Now that I've got the construction down, I want to perfect my fit
  • Be inspired by looks that fit my lifestyle and body: Just because it looks good on the runway and I CAN make it doesn't mean I SHOULD make it (an extension of the No More Sundresses goal)
  • Make a coat: The wool is on its way!
  • Make pants: Clover here I come...
  • Lower my average cost: Stop splurging!

Key Ring Dress
Sheer Summer
Autumn Sweetheart
Sequin Dress
Street Style Refashion
Pinkie and the Blue Boy
Casual Striped Dress
4th of July dress
Back-to-School Dress
Circle Skirt Dress
Colors of the Wind
Mustard Fall Dress
Work Week Drape Drape
Tangerine Tango
Holiday Drape Drape

Tops and Blouses:

Tie Front Blouse
Summer Sencha
Tie Front Blouse #2
Binder Paper Blouse
Ruffled Collar Dress
da Vinci Blouse
Adventures in Drape Drape
Business in the Front, 
Party in the Back
Japanese Drape Blouse

Printed Drape Top
Rorschach Shirt


Glasses and Gold Blazer
Pati Palmer Sweatshirt
Flighty Birds Blazer
Printed Pullover
Umpa Jacket
Kangaroo Pocket Sweater
Foliage Capelet


Flower Undies
Three Time's a Charm Undies
Black and White Undies


Eighties Prom Dress
Cupcake Halloween Costume

Zippered Pouch
Accessories, etc.:
Good Luck Scarf

Mitts for My Bro

Charger Protector
Fabric Wallpaper
Retro Summertime Bathing Suit

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  1. Meg, you were on fire last year! I hope your closet is big!

    Also, there's a discussion going on in the Sew Weekly community about a possible meet up later in the month. If you're a member (I think you are since I've seen you post), check it out and add your two cents:


    If you're not a member but would like to meet up with other sewers, let me know and I'll keep you filled in.


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