Stella McCartney Bridal Lingerie Collection
I don't know if it's because Colette keeps talking about bras or because I have been working on (and been frustrated with) making a new swimsuit, but cup sizes, lingerie elastic, and fastenings have been on my mind. Today I stopped by Bra-Makers Supply and spent way more than I should have on some new materials. I picked up three sets of swimsuit cups for $10 each (compared to $7/8 I've been spending for ill-fitting cups at local retail stores), three sets of regular bra cups for $10 each, some underwire, and cotton swimsuit elastic (instead of the hard-to-work-with plastic kind). Altogether their prices were very reasonable and they had a really great selection, especially for a small-cupped gal like me who has trouble finding the right stuff!

Now to go shopping for some materials!


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