Yellow Polka Dot Top

I finally had the chance to go to the fabric store today. Since I got my bra supplies in the mail, I've been wanting to go in and pick out some good cotton material. I also wanted to have a look at the fabrics, and I picked up two remnants for $5 each. The first one is about half a yard of echino polka dot fabric. As with a lot of the great prints I pick up (especially in small quantities), I need a simple shirt to showcase the print. I've been playing around with my free GIMP software, and have put together a few samples. The fabric is a linen cotton blend, so it's also pretty stiff.

In putting these tops together, I'm trying to think of what types of clothes I reach for when I get dressed. When I go out with my friends, I want something fashion forward but also casual. As much as I love those cocktail dresses and even Mad Men 50s frocks, I go to bars, not country clubs. This top is two versions of McCalls #M6319. Its asymmetrical look toughens up the polka dots a little bit, while still keeping things fun and casual. I think I'd taper the sides a bit to give it a little form, and possibly even add the pleats from my Sencha top pattern. While it looks a little 80s on paper, I think it might just work.

The other options I played around with were from two Burda patterns. I think the neck pleats would be easy to pull off, but are a little more stuffy than the McCall's shirt--more of a work top than a play top. I also like the versions of the sleeveless blouse I've seen, but again it might be a little too done up.

Might have to keep playing with this one, but I do love my new GIMP toy.

Update: Been thinking how I can add shaping to this top. After my Rorschach Shirt came off a little boxy in pictures, I want to make sure I have some  sort of waist shaping. I can make the side seams curve in, add princess seams, or do some sort of elastic, either a section in the back or at the sides. Decisions, decisions...

You can check out the final top sewn up here


  1. Kewl. I like them all. Echino mustard is so pretty..
    Wrt the burdastyle pattern, Echino cottons tend to fairly stiff and heavy so be careful using it for anything with ruching/ gathers as it will not drape and gather like voile or lighter cottons. Plus if you've noticed any crinkling after pre-washing its going be a pain to iron out once there are that many gathers in it (unless you plan to knife press the gathers into pleats....).

  2. Like you, I've really been trying to make clothing that I actually need and that fits into my life. That means a lot of separates and tops. But it's always tempting to make another bright dress!

  3. thanks for the tip--the linen would be hard to iron. i hate ironing!


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