Me Made May: Week 4

At some point in this challenge I decided that not only must I wear a me-made piece every day, but that that piece must be unique--something I hadn't already worn this month. On week four it took a little more effort to come up with what to wear, but considering I made 57 garments last year, it was not difficult. I think most interesting to note right now are the garments that I haven't worn yet--party dresses, my cape (it's been too warm), and some of my shirts that require too much pressing. I'm also noticing the things I miss wearing--jeans and my soft wrinkled button-ups, jeans and t-shirts, some of my cute vintage purchases, etc. Overall, this has been a really helpful exercise for planning future sewing projects and paying attention to what I like to wear.

The second challenge this week is that I went camping. Originally I told myself that I wouldn't have to wear me-made clothes in the forest, but this far along in the challenge I couldn't help myself. I chose some of my warmer knits and brought them along, and they ended up getting some use all around--my brother wore my hat, and the bf layered one of my sweaters. A huge success all around!

"Hers" Bathrobe
Japanese Drape Blouse
Pan and Bones Top

Striped Dress

Rorschach Shirt

Kangaroo Pocket Sweater, Winter Hat,
Fingerless GlovesLuxe Textured Cowl

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