Pinterest Challenge: Pom Pom Flowers

Materials: Red Heart Soft yarn in Berry, sticks; cardboard, scissors, ruler, glue, round objects to trace
Cost: $4.99 (for 4+ flowers)

I have not been sewing much lately, but I have been hard at work on my new apartment, and that means lots of DIY! I almost exclusively rely on Pinterest to find and keep track of my inspiration, so when Young House Love announced their Summer Pinterest Challenge, I knew I had to show off what I've been up to.

In this case, I tried out these pom pom dandelions, which I first saw on Pinterest here. With less than 5 bucks worth of yarn and some sticks from the park, I now have some maintenance-free flowers, which are fairing much better than my real-life herb garden. Here's the run down:

find the center
trace your "donut hole"
cut a slit

start wrapping 
keep going
cut between the cardboard pieces
tie a knot to hold it all together 
slip it off 
almost there!
attach the stem with a dot of glue
place in a vase

1 comment:

  1. Ah ha! This is the perfect idea for the gorgeous vase I bought from the op shop. (Only to find it leaks!) Some Pom Pom flowers will look great and don't need flowers. I hope the apartment decorating is going well.


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