Cubicle Chic

As you may know, I started a new job a few months ago. I am now working in a cubicle (ack!), and day 1 on the job I had already started day dreaming about spicing the place up. I started a Pinterest board for inspiration and, as I slowly decorate my apartment, I have been shifting some of the leftover things to The Cube.

First up was to do the back wall. You may recognize the fabric from my last apartment. It didn't fit in my current decorating scheme, but with some stitching and re-configuration, it was perfect for the back wall of my office. My office does not allow any pushpins in the cubicle wall fabric (what?!), but I was able to easily tape the fabric to the tops and side of the wall with some coordinating masking tape. Add some Ikea frames hung down from cubicle hooks by ribbons (inspired by this pin) and you're good to go! All the furniture was in the office already, I just had to rearrange it a bit.

I originally also added the fabric to the wall behind my computer screen, but all those zig-zag lines made me dizzy when I was trying to do work. Instead, I ordered some paper mache letters inspired by this home for a fun work-inspired display (and a good reminder of why I'm there!). I'm also thinking of stringing up these antique lights for a fun garland.

Here's the full shot! Happy work week everyone!


  1. I also spend all day in a cubicle and i had never thought to cover the walls with fabric! My office would surely frown on me doing that, but yours looks amazing! I'll have to figure out a subtle way to spruce up my space. Very cute!

  2. i'm sorry your office won't let you decorate the wall! i guess that's the beauty of working in laid back sf for me, although i wasn't sure what their reaction would be until my cubicle neighbor also did it. frames with ribbon seem like a good way to go...

  3. That is so cute! I'm sure all your co-workers are very envious. And your employers are crazy for not allowing pushpins!

    I guess at least you get your OWN cubicle?


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