Look! A New Bathing Suit!

Fabric: swimsuit fabric
Cost: $10

Can I just say? I love this pattern. I still have some kinks to work out re: the size of the top (more coverage) and the openings on the bottoms (bigger), but it came together beautifully and opens the door for so many swim suit possibilities. It is now my new go-to over my previous McCall's bathing suit pattern. I could actually even see myself using it to make a little bralette.

Now, as you well know by now, I don't last very long reading pattern directions, and this case was no exception. From what I did see, they want you to use like four layers of fabric. Maybe they were going for extra support? I ignored this and installed a simple lining strip in the bottoms, รก la undies. On the top, however, I did construct two layers, which is nice. The first layer makes cups, and the second layer is the ruffled fabric on top.

outside layer

inside supportive layer

Some other things that made the process easier: my new walking foot, and nice swimsuit elastic (much better than the plastic swimsuit elastic kind!). I zig-zag all my seams, and serge where I can.

If you're wondering about this beautiful locale, I just spent a week floating down the Rogue River in Oregon (and of course needed a new suit for the occasion). We saw bears, bald eagles, and went down waterfalls. Good times were had by all. And not to mention the all-natural water slide!

You can read my review of this pattern at PatternReview.com.

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