Baby Quilt

Pattern: none
Fabric: Moda 5 Funky Monkeys, 1/2 yd in monkey print, 1/2 yd in red, 1 yd in brown
Cost: $39

About the time my coworker announced she was having a baby boy, this adorable fabric popped up at the store. I never really have the occasion to use some of the beautiful quilting fabrics I see out there, so I knew I had to take the opportunity to make a baby quilt. The fabric was calling me!

To make the quilt, I bought a half yard each of two contrasting fabrics and divided them up into rectangles, using as much of the fabric as possible. I then backed them with a yard of another contrasting fabric, sandwiching two layers of cotton batting in between. At each intersection of the rectangles, I tacked the fabric down with a few stitches to the back. I also added a line of stitching around the edge.

For my first quilt, I'm pretty happy! I must say I'm especially proud of the seams between the rectangles, which matched up really well. The whole thing only took a few hours to make, and the result is soft, cute and cuddly.

I am definitely on a roll with making things for others these past few months: bunny hat, t-shirts, and now this. (Plus more secret projects on the way!)


  1. Adorable! Quilts are perfect gifts for friends and family :)

  2. I love that the back is the traditional monkey fabric!!

  3. what an adorable quilt! I'm always wanted to make one but I somehow continue to make lingerie!

  4. heh, lingerie is sometimes more fun anyway!


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