Pattern Review Feature

I am excited to announce that today I was the featured member on Pattern! If you're not familiar, Pattern Review is a great place to check out images and feedback from people who have already made up the patterns you're thinking about using. Over the past two years, I have posted over 85 reviews to the site, and read countless more! The site can be a little clunky, but the member feedback is amazing! You can also check me out around the web here.


  1. woo hoo Congrats!! I love that site. I was a featured member a couple weeks back and I bought a boatload of patterns with the 20% discount they give you.

  2. That's awesome! Every time I've tried to use Pattern Review, I get kinda stuck. I can never remember where anything is!

  3. agreed! the main feature I use is the search box in the upper right hand corner to look up patterns that others have done up. Seeing the versions that us regular folks have made (versus the image on the pattern cover) has been super helpful!


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