5 Days of Handmade Christmas: Bonus Day!

Pattern: Kwik Sew's Unisex Bathrobe #3177
Fabric: cotton silk robe with Moda faux fur collar
Cost: $40 each

I wanted to wrap up the holidays with some ridiculous gifts for two of my friends--matching fur collar bath robes! Despite how silly they are, they are actually pretty high-quality: silk cotton robe, Moda faux fur, french seams throughout, and a button closure. My buttons were once again a mess (maybe it's time for some new technique?), so hopefully all is hidden by the button. They were made over the course of a week when I didn't really have time to sleep, but they were done before the holidays and shipped off as a New Years gift.

In fact, despite all this recent gift-giving and receiving, I'm not a huge fan of the Christmas materialism, and didn't even exchange gifts with my immediate family. But the fur robes were an idea I had had in my head for a while (who doesn't like lounge wear + cozy fur?!), so I decided to send them over as a "just because" gift. And who knows, if these turn out maybe I can do some more random gift-giving to some more friends in the future.

Happy holidays everyone!

You can read my review of this pattern at PatternReview.com.

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