Something Personal (And Slightly Sewing Related)

A couple years ago I became very inspired by this post on a day in the life of Sarai Mitnick. While the Colette Patterns blog usually offers lots of sewing inspiration, I was actually inspired by what seems like Sarai's most incredible life. Owning her own pattern company. Walking to work every day. Going for morning runs. Reading the paper over breakfast before strolling to work. Cuddling kittens! Wow, I thought, this woman has the life. And what particularly inspired me about her story was that there was nothing stopping me from having that life, too. Or, more specifically, the life that I wanted.

Since then, and in particular recently, I have followed the mantra that you can live the life you want to lead, as long as you truly want it. 

Let me explain. Most people take this idea to mean that, if you truly want to be an astronaut or the President of the United States, well then, you can do anything you set your mind to. But I mean it in perhaps a deeper way, one that permeates every aspect of your life. Most people do not aspire to be a NASA scientist or a top level politician, but rather to do something just a little bit better, to enjoy something just a little more often. And what I try to remind myself with the above motto is that this is absolutely possible. At the risk of sounding like an inspirational speaker, the life I want to live, the things I wish I could do, are totally possible if I just choose to do them.

The caveat, of course, is that to do anything, you have to really want it and all that comes with it. I decided that, for example, while a homemade breakfast every morning sounds wonderful, I absolutely love those 30 minutes extra of sleep a day, and cereal, fruit and bagels are just fine with me. So that is my ideal morning routine. I don't feel guilty about that little extra bit of sleep, or that I'm not totally put together because I don't have as much time to pick out an outfit, because I have decided that this is what I want. (For the record, I get up around 7 most week days, so I'm not totally slacking off.)

I do, however, love to run, and about six weeks ago I recommitted myself to running. Twice a week I've been getting up a bit earlier for my sunrise run. And you know what? I'm absolutely loving it! The endorphins and beautiful views and sense of fulfillment from doing what I have long been wanting to do is amazing. I don't feel bad for sleeping when I want to, and I feel amazing for forcing myself up and out on the days that I can. This, more than being an astronaut or a president, has added just that little bit more fulfillment to my life.

I also decided that, as fabulous as owning your own pattern company is, that work just isn't for me. So I decided to keep sewing as a hobby as I pursue my research in the non-profit field. In June of this year, I left my first non-profit job and moved into one that I feel I am truly flourishing in, and that has left me feeling more empowered than ever. And let me tell you, it is absolutely terrifying trying to change jobs in this economy!

So over the past couple of months I have settled into this routine. Wake up early for a run (or sleep a little extra--again, I am NOT a morning person), bike and commute in to work with great people, get home and sew, try to hang out with the people I love, get some more of that much-loved sleep, and repeat.

And lately I have been feeling exhausted! 

It's a funny thing. Compared to most other points in my life, I have considerably less things to feel stressed about. I'm not crazily studying for a college final, I'm not broke and jobless. Compared to a lot of other people, I have a roof over my head, a good meal to eat (or several). But somehow trying to fit everything I want in my life has left me a little drained. I guess I have been forgetting the all that comes with it part, all the things we must leave out to get the few things we want.

So I'm hoping this holiday season I can relax with loved ones, finish up all this crazy sewing and take a break, take a breath, and re-energize to go out and get those things once more.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and restful holiday season, and may you get all those things that don't come wrapped under the tree.

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