Quilting Inspiration

Do you read Completely Cauchy's blog? If not, you should.

Not the typical home quilter, Completely Cauchy is an artist who pushes the conventional quilting boundaries with her work. Her quilts and needlepoint address political, sexual, and personal issues, and are just plain awesome. I wanted to show you some of her pics, but I think she is very protective of her images, so you will have to check them out at her site!

I have been wanting to make a quilt for my next place for a while, and have certainly been inspired by some of the amazing ones I've seen you ladies do (like these cross quilts, or this triangle quilt). Completely Cauchy, of course, has inspired me to a whole new level, and now I'm also considering one with a message. Here are two of my fave pieces from her: the canoodle doodle, and the mouth organ.

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