Pattern: self-drafted using an existing potholder
Fabric: leftover cotton voile from my 4th of July Dress and homemade bias tape from the Mushroom Lady Shirt
Cost: free (remnants!)

This week, I announced that I just got the keys to my very first apartment!! My realtor has been amazing (seriously, give Maria a call if you're looking in the East Bay), and as a thank you to her I wanted to make her a little gift, from my new home to hers.  

My favorite part of this project was definitely the color combo, with the flowers and the stripes and general vintage-y cheerfulness. 

My least favorite part was probably everything else. I'm an imprecise sewist, and a project like this definitely requires a lot of attention to detail. The first sticking point was doing the quilting, which puckered and creased the fabric quite a bit. Switching to my walking foot definitely helped, though, and I can see why the foot is always referred to by quilters. 

Attaching the bias tape was another challenge, and it's still imperfect in many areas. A zig-zag stitch instead of stitching the ditch helped, and it looks ok if a bit uneven. And let's not even talk about my attempt at embroidery at midnight, which was an utter failure and had to be taken out. 

After a good press, however, the potholders ended up looking presentable if not a little bit 'home-made.' I do like the final results, even thought I won't be trying it any time soon! I guess I'll have to think of another present as a thank you to my aunt, who is also a realtor and provided great advice along the way...


  1. These are so cute! I love the fabric combination :)

  2. So cute, what a nice gift! You are lucky to have such a nice realtor, we're looking in london and it's a jungle out there.. :( Congrats on the new place!

  3. They turned out so cute! I made a potholder once thinking it would be a fun, quick project. It wasn't.

  4. Cute, cute! I love the fabric, too.

    I made my sister some potholders and a mitt YEARS ago. During my visit in February I noticed she still had them and that they were well used! That made me happy. I think they're a great gift.

  5. These are very cute! Congrats on your new apartment!


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