Vegas Billie Jean

Pattern: Bluegingerdoll's Billie Jean, now available for pre-sale
Fabric: shantung, cotton lining
Cost: $75

Do you recognize this pattern?? It's Bluegingerdoll's brand new Billie Jean! The debut vintage-inspired pattern by the lovely Abby is now available for pre-sale until the official release on May 15, and in the meantime she was gracious enough to let me try it out!

What I think is most exciting about the Billie Jean pattern is how versatile it is, and that's exactly what I wanted to show you with my version. While Abby rocks her 1950s Billie Jean samples, my dress was destined for Vegas! With its classic princess-seamed bodice, two skirt options, and an almost limitless choice of fabric, the Billie Jean is perfect for dressing up however you choose.

For my version, I chose a shiny raw silk shantung and a daring black and white striped lining, loosely based on this inspiration. You'll also notice I swapped out the skirt for a circle skirt, as the gathered look just wasn't working with my thick, thick fabric. But the real pattern also gives you the options for a beautiful full skirt and a sexy wiggle dress, so there are plenty of choices! I could see this pattern getting a lot of use in a lot of different styles (check out Abby's for more inspiration).

Billie Jean with a circle skirt

In terms of sewing this up, both Abby and I would recommend you make a muslin first, because this is one sexy, slim-fitting pattern. If you're a little impatient to get to your Billie Jean (like I was), you should at least try Lara's technique of fitting the lining first, making your adjustments, and then cutting the bodice. 

The pattern pieces go together quite easily, but this pattern is also a chance to practice some new techniques. Along with fitting, you will be making a lapped zipper, doing lining, and gathering a skirt or making a skirt vent (depending on your version). Look for her sew-along, coming soon!

If you buy one and make it up, Abby and I would love to see it!

Lastly, I leave you with a public service announcement: Kids, don't do Vegas. ;)

Faces of Vegas


  1. I love the shiny fabric! Looks great!

  2. You keep introducing me to new designers and I love it! Your dress is beautiful!

  3. Oh this dress is lovely! I saw the pattern recently and thought it was so feminine and pretty. Yours looks so cute :)

  4. Beautiful dress! Thanks for highlighting this new pattern.


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