Baby Girl Spring Dress

Pattern: See Kate Sew's Baby Dress and Ruffle Diaper Cover
Fabric: 1 yd quilting cotton
Cost: stash-busting (we'll call it free - this piece has been in the pile for years!)

On Saturday, my coworker gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl! It was a perfect opportunity for me to take advantage of some of See Kate Sew's amazing collection of free patterns, including her very own Baby Dress and Ruffle Diaper Cover.

I made these up in a girlish but not pink fabric, which I thought was fun but not too feminine, and perfect for late spring. Since the diaper cover is for 0-3 months and the dress is for 3-6 months, I more or less randomly sized the dress down so they could all fit the same child. Baby proportions are so weird I hope I more or less got it right!

The dress is finished with a machine-made scalloped edge, which is always fun even if I probably don't do the technique right. Actually, the whole dress was a ton of fun to make, with french seams and little touches, as it was pretty straightforward compared to all the bra- and pants-fitting I've been trying to take on lately.

The only challenge with the diaper cover is that my elastic didn't work as well with it, so I don't think it quite draws in or stretches out enough. But they sure are cute!

Happy BIRTHday little Charlotte!


  1. So cute! A coworker of mine just had a baby shower and I knit up a little hat. It's so incredibly small...

  2. Very cute! The machine scalloped edge is too perfect!


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