Chevron Quilt Inspiration

From my quilt post earlier this week, I have been particularly inspired by this fabric, which I think would make a great print, and could easily be done with a simple chevron quilt pattern:

Ghastlie Angle Green
Basic Chevron Pattern

So I mocked up some color combinations to see what my version might look like. Here are three options. Virtual quilt-making sure is easier than the real thing!

Tiny Square Stripe Black +Broadcloth Bright White + Kona Cotton Black

Michael Miller Faux Bois Stripe + Broadcloth Soft WhiteKona Cotton Ash

Gilt Trip Line Work Metallic + Broadcloth Straw + Cotton Supreme Solids Navy


  1. Ooh either of the three of those combinations would be a beautiful quilt!

  2. Very cool combinations! I really love all three, but if it was for my place, I would have to go with the second combo - can't get enough white and gray! :)

  3. I recently saw a chevron patchwork quilt and it looked awesome. I love all those fabric combos, 2 and 3 in particular.


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