More Jedediah Pants

Pattern: Thread Theory's Jedediah Pants
Fabric: grey denim
Cost: $30

Ever since I made K his last pair of Jedediah Pants, he's been bugging me to make him another. He has recently taken a professor gig in San Francisco, and needed some more professional-looking pants to see him through. With its side pockets and skinny fit, Jedediah is just perfect. Plus, it's awesome to have someone want me to make them clothes ;)

The first pair of Jedediah pants was a bit of a wearable muslin and came out a little baggy on him, so for this pair I took in the sides and the waist. I thought it would be a bit tight, but he says it's pretty near perfect. Men have absolutely no hips!

All raw edges are serged and sew flat to the fabric, and high-stress seams like the crotch are reinforced with extra stitching. This is about my sixth pair of pants this year, so I feel like I'm getting the hand of what works and what doesn't. Plus, there's something about classic menswear that just makes me want to sew perfect seams. I finished these pants and thought to myself, damn I'm good at sewing! Having the perfect pattern by Thready Theory doesn't hurt, either. 

For the pockets, I'm not sure if K was drunk or just joking with our friend, but when I asked him what stitch he wanted on the pockets he said he wanted big M's for "Made by Meg" or "Meg's Man." Well, he wasn't around when I got to the pockets, so that's what he got! They're a bit abstract, so I think they could work as mountains or just zig-zag stitching anyway (pardon the chalk lines still on the fabric). He said they're a bit silly, but it was his only suggestion. The front pockets are lined in the same musical fabric as the last ones. 

Well, I think I've used the word "perfect" at least four times in this post already, so you can tell I love them. I snapped these pictures before he headed off to work today, and I think they'll work just great!


  1. He's so lucky! Those pants look absolutely perfect. I really can't wait to make Eric a pair!

  2. these look great! i have some corduroy set aside to make these for my husband... must get on that soon!

  3. Your pockets cracked me up. The last time I made pants for my dude, he wanted a musical motif too, so I made his pocket-embellishment in the shape of the f-holes on a fiddle, turned sideways, so they look a little abstract. Turned out cute, with the hilarious side effect that he's always pointing at his own rear. "Hey, look at these pockets!"

  4. Scooter that's so cool! I'm going to have to hunt around for some more ideas!


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