Pendleton Fail

After my success in menswear, I decided it was time to make something for myself. We just booked tickets to Spain in December (woohoo!), and I imagined myself running around the cobblestone streets in a beautiful wool jacket. 

I had been saving this Pendleton-type wool that I got on sale of Stone Mountain for just such an occasion. It was soft, had muted colors and what I thought was a beautiful and unique design. I assembled my inspiration, and drafted the pattern using a combination of BurdaStyle's Flap Jacket (for the collar) and New Look 6006 (for shape).

via Lagarconne, Kelly Christine, Pinterest

But halfway done, it just looks awful. The print is bad, the placement seems all wrong, and it's looking a lot more 90s-tastic than chic. 

Add the sleeves on and it gets even worse:

Looking back over my inspiration photos, I think the main problem is that the print is too big. Whereas my inspiration makes use of stripes or smaller patterns, mine is just overwhelming, and the small details are lost. 

Because of this issue, I don't think there's really much I could have done better. I'm pretty sure it would have looked bad on just about any jacket, and placed in just about any way.

So what to do with this half-finished monstrosity? A jacket is out, and it didn't look so good as a pencil skirt, either. I may try to salvage a few parts for a no-knit beanie. Maybe my brother would like one, too?

Anyway, I think I'll let this one sit as I get a bit more of some other projects done, and maybe hunt around for some more inspiration. What a bummer!


  1. I think it would totally work if it was less structured and more slouchy - like the inspiration photo on the far right. The smaller prints can take a more structured cut but I think large scale needs to be more relaxed. Kinda like these guys?

  2. That print is certainly tough to work with. The wool looks amazing, though, maybe you could use it for a blanket or pillows?

  3. WHERE IN SPAIN?? Ugh I'm jealous. I hope you have tons of fun and eat all the delicious food!! And I don't think the jacket looked too bad!

  4. aww, i actually love how the back looks, especially the shoulder pattern vs the large pattern on the back. bummer!

  5. I would be inclined to keep it for parts. I am often attracted to a print that would be too much if put into a dedicated garment. I try to use these pieces as accents, rather than as the main event. But it actually looks quite nice on you.

  6. If you are coming to Madrid just add very warm clothes to your holiday cases. It´s chilling here right now :-) Hope you have a good time visiting us!!
    I don´t see the Pendleton so bad, but yes, details are lost in that big prints...

  7. Oh that's sad! You could make some hot water bottle covers! That'd be snugly and warm! Or some winter cushion covers? What a bummer indeed! :(


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