Hugo Sweater

Pattern: Brooklyn Tweed's Hugo Cabled Pullover
Yarn: 8 balls of Andes del Campo in Wellies Heather
Cost: $40

What takes longer than an international flight from California to Spain and back? This sweater, which took roughly 55 hours to make! Lucky for me, I had enough time to both complete the sweater and then embark on a glorious vacation to EspaƱa! I felt like one lucky girl :)

The Hugo Cabled Pullover (sneak peak back here) was my birthday gift to K, who had his birthday during our trip. We celebrated with tapas, wine and beer and, of course, something to keep him warm and cozy for the cold Barcelona nights!

Since pullover sweaters are one of his go-to items, I began scheming back in the summer to knit him up one. I had seen the gorgeous Brooklyn Tweed men's patterns some time back, and went straight there to choose my favorite. And let me just say, their patterns are amazing! The Hugo pattern really takes care of you, teaching you the BT favorite cast-on and providing helpful tips and instructions for everything from sizing to blocking. I saved the PDF instructions on my phone, and away I went!

Over the next three months, I tried to knit almost every time that K wasn't around (especially that last month). I knit standing up on the train during my morning commute, I watched four movies in a row one weekend, and I worked in a cross-country flight to get 'er done. In the end, I think it came out beautifully, and I am so proud to have it done! While I have knit a few sweaters for myself before, this is by far the best quality one I've made. 

As for the knitty-gritty details, I knit up everything pretty much as the directions called for (which may be a first for me), except that I couldn't get the gauge down quite small enough on the heavy worsted yarn, so I knit a size XS that ended up being the perfect size S when completed. I also made the collar a bit shorter, to be on the conservative side. Finally, I knit the whole body up in the round and did both sleeves at the same time because it just seems to make sense that way!

Since receiving it, I have caught him wearing it a number of times, and the fit really is superb. I couldn't be more happy with this project! (And time to celebrate with some selfish sewing!)

Happy birthday K!!


  1. Love this!! I'm a beginner in knitting and seeing that it is possible to make such a nice sweater ... It's amazing and inspiring! Good job :)

  2. Oh, wow, this turned out so great!! The fit is superb and the knitting looks so well done. It's beautiful!

  3. This is so beautiful! Your knitting looks really great. He's a lucky guy :)

  4. It looks amazing - what a beautiful gift :)

  5. Wow! That's a beautiful sweater. I'm sure most people won't even know it's handmade.

  6. They will because I'll tell them - repeatedly! Haha but yes.


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