Holiday Going Out Clothes ;)

Pants Pattern: Colette's Clover
Fabric: 2 yds 4-way stretch pleather
Cost: $40

Top Pattern: Grainline's Scout Woven Tee
Fabric: 1yd sheer striped knit fabric
Cost: $5

Saddened by the disintegration of my last pair of pleather pants (and not to mention that the fabric was less than perfect for the job), I quickly hunted down and ordered a 4-way stretch pleather. After it sat in my stash for a couple months, I finally worked it up in to a new pair of pants. 

I wore these babies all around Spain and, to my surprise, leather leggings are quite in style in Barcelona! (Spanish readers - does that sound right??) I saw them everywhere! While they don't breathe very well, they are quite comfy and stretchy, and perfect for a night when you want to look a little bit fancy but not wear a dress (cue my common dilemma of wanting to dress up, but not too much.)

Working with a material like pleather can be quite challenging, especially on a garment that may require fit adjustments, a fly, and more! After some frustration with the fly front, I eventually realized that, hey!, this is a four-way stretch fabric which most likely does not need a zip at all! I sewed up a fake fly overlay to cover the ugly holes left in the fabric by my first attempt, and now the pants work great as pull-on leggings. 

The top was a fun and quick make using a fabric I picked up in the remnant pile at Stone Mountain and Daughter. It's a knit fabric with sheer and opaque stripes, and covered in what looks like golden paint splatters. It can also be worn with a camisole under it for a more toned-down look. This was my first Scout tee using a knit, and I like the looser fit but may take it in just a bit for future knit projects.

I think it's fun to see how these two standard patterns - the Clover pants and the Scout Tee - can look fun and festive dressed up in some sparkly fabric!

P.S. We took advantage of the construction going on in at our apartment to snap these pics in a different setting. The one upside to all this dust and mayhem!!


  1. Love this outfit!! Killer pants. And killer top!!!

  2. woooah this outfit is so cool! I love the fabric, it looks like you spend ages pleating it to get the effect. Hope you loved BCN, one of my favourite cities.

  3. I love it!! I really like that knit top, the fabric is amazing. I secretly love that sheer top with just bra underneath look even though I could never, ever pull it off. You do, though, it's great!

  4. You look great and you're a brave seamstress for taking on the challenge of pleather. I hope you enjoyed your time in Spain. I'm jealous!

  5. What a great going out- outfit! Everyone is making the cutest Scout tees, great idea to use a novelty on such a basic top!


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