Sewing from My Stash

Here's a quiz for all you stashbusters - can you name every fabric in your stash?

I couldn't, and I knew I wouldn't be able to sew from my stash unless I sat myself down and made an inventory. So, to start off the year I decided to make a list of all the fabric and sewing plans that I have for them. I actually did a pretty good job of naming most from memory, and wrote down the rest when I got home.

Here it is, for my records (feel free to skip over).

In my stash I have fabric for:

Work Pants:
black stretch fabric
blue dotted stretch fabric for pants or jacket
blue non-stretch - still use for pants??

Fun Pants:
italian wash denim - for K
stretch denim

Work Tops:
flower lawn from exchange done!
black knit for cowl top
black knit top - from mend bin
white lawn for McCall's top
blue silk cotton for Bluegingerdoll top

Fun Tops:
chambray from exchange
stripe knit for Fave top
grey knit for t-shirt
white knit for t-shirt
red silk
batik cotton - for a Scout?

navy ponte for a blazer
half blazer - from mend bin
brown sweater material- me or k

extensive collection of bra materials
1-2 bathing suit fabrics

Other fabrics:
yellow jersey - for dress?
flowery lawn - for top?
orange handkerchief fabric - for lingerie?
more flowery lawn - for lingerie?

1/2 to 1 yd remnants:
red/brown italian wool
green wool
a few denim remnants
1/2 yd striped jersey

Get rid of:
printed brown jersey?
brown velvet
white stretch mesh
plaid fleece

My first impression after seeing the completed list was - holy sh*t I have a lot to work with! If I made all of these garments at the rate that I sewed last year, it would last me well into half the year. That's a lot of sewing! No excuses for buying fabric when I have this many amazing projects waiting for me at home.

Not only that, but I'm actually pretty excited about most of these projects. The pants and bras are much-needed, the work tops and even the fun tops fill a gap in my wardrobe, and pulling some things from the mend bin will help me with one of my sewlutions for this year. To top it off, none of them are particularly difficult or big undertakings - meaning I could probably sew a few in one week.

Of course, my last thought was, does anyone know what to do with less than a yard of bottom-weight or wool remnants? If you have any garment ideas, please help!

Sewing from My Stash in 2014

Having spent the better part of this past weekend organizing our stuff, I know I can't fit in any more fabric. In fact, I could do with a lot less! Having made my list, I think my plan will be to try to tackle at least 20 of these projects before I take on any other big projects (like the one I'm very interested in: shoe making!)

This list should help keep me on track and motivated, and knowing that I have so many goodies at home should keep me from running out to the fabric store.

I know many of you are also on a stash diet. Any strategies you can offer for sewing from your stash?? I recently saw that C Sews took a fabric inventory, and the Colette blog has proposed the Wardrobe Architect to planning our sewing!

Update: I also added this list to my sidebar to help me remember.


  1. I am by no means an authority on this as I too have a stash problem (see my resolutions lol) BUT I will say that it helps me to make a list, kind of like the one you have, of what I have and what my plans are for it. I try to pick out 5 projects I want to start right away, get everything ready, and then cross them off as I get them done. It really helps me feel like I'm moving through it all and accomplishing something :)

    1. Ooh yes I think a 'next up' list could be very helpful!

  2. Hm, I actually thought this doesn't seem like a super big stash... I hope you get some response as to what to do with less than a yard of bottom weights or wools. I made Erin's presidio purse out of wool remnants and was also thinking of throw pillow covers? That can really only go so far, though, and in the meantime the stack of remnants just keeps getting bigger...

    1. Haha it's true - I have another 1/2 yd remnant after sewing this week! But don't try to tell Mr. K that I don't have a big stash! Lol

  3. I have the same problem with some wool remnants I got at a garage sale. I was thinking of making a presidio purse and some shoes or slippers with them. Not technically garments, but I'm not sure if that's possible! Maybe a hoodie or jacket with the remnants as accents/panels?

    1. OMG, yes, I will save some for when I start muslining some shoe patterns!

  4. Great idea! I need to go through my stash too and make a list of things to make! Great way to visualise!

  5. You can always make mini skirts or bustiers from heavier weight fabrics.

    And - I've also got interested in shoemaking recently! In fact, I bought a book on it... during night shift, which is not the best idea but hey, whatevs. Some other girls and I are going to start on the first part (making the lasts) in a couple of weeks

    1. I hope you blob about the process as I will totally follow along!

    2. Heh, "blob". I will try to because I imagine lots of people are interested, I just thought it would be way too difficult!

      And I'm trying to make an inventory of sort of my stash - I'm going to the extremely-rural Northland for three months (the town has a population of 438) and the closest craft shop is 1-2 hours away. So I need to plan all the stuff I take up, and buy the zips/other notions I need before hand!

    3. I have fat fingers, lol. Wow going rural will definitely keep you from popping into fabric stores!

  6. I just recently sorted and filed my fabric stash, as well. SO satisfying! with less than a yard of wool, I actually made Gertie's portrait blouse! I used a wool/cashmere fabric that I got in the 'ends' bin and it makes for a lovely top! I'm going to blog it tomorrow if you want to have a look at how the fabric worked for it.

    1. I will definitely be checking that out! Thanks Catja!

  7. My friend did a shoemaking course, and I'd LOVE to try some one day!

    Good idea to sort your stash to actual garments to sew... I always need organising but would need a whole bunch of time to do it... SOON!

  8. I joined the 3 out, 1 in stashbusting challenge over on Bouquet of Buttons.
    Which basically means I have to sew from my stash or donate 3 items before I can purchase a new piece of fabric. I love this idea, to keep me a little more motivated. It's a lot of work to sew everything I want :-) So I totally get your feeling here! It's a great idea to make a list of what fabric is for what project. makes total sense! Thank you!

  9. My aunt has a stashbusting plan of use 5 then buy 1. Pretty intense! :) Right now I just need to get my stash out of the living room and back in the closet.


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