Meg Made May Week 3

Saturday 5/18: floral Archer with jeans and black shoes
Sunday 5/19: Bay to Breakers costume consisting of home-made merkins and Goodwill muumuus
Monday 5/20: camel pants with striped tee and black shoes
Monday evening 5/21: wool dress and wool coat with wedges
Tuesday 5/21: work trousers with yellow cardigan and black shoes
Wednesday 5/22: scout tee (apparently I never blogged about this one??) with work trousers and blue shoes
Thursday 5/22: new jeans (not yet blogged) with white blouse and red shoes
Friday 5/23: white tee with black pants and black shoes

Happy Friday everyone! This week of MMM carried me through the Bay Area Sewists Meetup, Bay to Breakers (SF's infamous race and party parade), my little brother's graduation from Cal, and a long week at work complete with fieldwork in Stockton and Sonoma. Whew!

For the uninitiated, Bay to Breakers is not only one of the country's oldest foot races, but it is also a classic San Francisco event, complete with naked runners, elaborate costumes, and more than a few brown bags. In this spirit, every year my friend and I enjoy coming up with new costumes that both shock and entertain. This is usually followed by some sewing from yours truly, and I count it every year as my me-made for the day. This year, we wore our muumuus and did some flashing, complete with home-made merkins using Ohhh Lulu's Ginger pattern (sorry Sarah, it was just too perfect!). Even Mr. Made got his own pair from a Jalie boxer pattern. It was a crowd-pleaser for sure.

Apologies if my pictures have offended the more refined sensibilities among us, but I know the rest of you appreciate a good laugh!


  1. Hahaha, me made merkins. You're awesome.

  2. Oy, vey, I can't find our email exchange. Please send me another email, I want to give you details about the meet up. thx!

  3. I love your outfits and merkins!


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