Nude Lace Bralette

Pattern: my modified Pin-Up Girls' Classic Full-Band Bra #1200
Material: ponte and lace
Cost: $5

Since making my first properly-fitting bra, I haven't been able to wear anything else. Having one that fits comfortably is such a dream! Of course, this means that the few bras I've made have been getting a lot of wear. Time to make up a few more!

Today I'm sharing my first of two, a nude lace underlined in ponte. 

I tweaked the shape slightly by rounding out the top of the cup, and I am still working on modifying the back of the pattern to fit my particularly small band size. It fits well, but ideally I'd like to have it fit on the last clasps instead of the first, as this allows you to tighten the band as it stretches over time. 

 I also experimented, against my better judgement, of using the fold-over elastic as the wire channeling. This is a no-no, as the wires are already poking through and need to be repaired. I need to buy me some proper channeling! Overall though I'm very happy that I was able to quickly crank out a couple new ones.

I am wanting to experiment with a new Merckwaerdigh BHS10 soon, as I am finally starting to feel ready to start the whole grueling muslin process all over again. Maybe this fall? And I'll post my second bra up later this week!


  1. This looks great! I've been putting off making a proper bra for myself, but I think it's time. Thanks for sharing - I love the lace!!

  2. Looks great! I really need to get on this... someday!

  3. Ahh it's gorgeous, and fits so well! I thought my first bra was a winner until I wore it for a day, and haven't put it back on again. I need to get back to experimenting with the fit...

  4. Excellent work! One of these days I am going to get up the nerve to make a bra for myself . . .


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