Split Back Tee

Pattern: Grainline's Scout Tee
Fabric: 1 1/2 yds rayon challis
Cost: $12

This is the newest addition on the Scout parade. I just can't help it! It fits, it's a TNT pattern, and there's so many variations. 

This time, I went with a split-back variation a la Dixie DIY. I kept it long so I can wear it to work, but I think it's a fun detail for an otherwise very plain shirt. 

The fabric - a rayon challis - was a complete pain in the ass to work with. I love the final look, but I'm pretty sure it's off grain, and puckering in all sorts of weird places. Next time I think I'll use starch for working with a tricky fabric like this, but then again, I say that every time. 

For the hem (which was a long one), I tried a few techniques until I got something that worked. I ended up serging the raw edge, and then turning it under along the stitching line. Luckily the fabric presses well. 

Well, there it is! Hopefully back later this week with a more complicated make!


  1. Very cute!! I'm going to have to jump on this scout train!!

  2. Lovely! I made a split back DoveT and I wear it all the time... so breezy!

  3. Beautiful! This is simple, but lovely. It's such a great variation on the Scout!

  4. you do it again. i sure love how you use the scout tee. i still want to copy your peplum version.

  5. I love this! A simple but elegant twist on the T.


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