The Maya Dress

Pattern: Marilla Walker's new Maya Dress/Top
Fabric: 2 yds woven cotton 
Cost: fabric from Melizza via Kestrel's Spring Sewing Swap

Who loves a new pattern! I do! I do! This is a brand new pattern from Marilla Walker, entitled the Maya Dress/Top. It's a kimono-sleeved dress or top pattern that is designed to hang well from the shoulders and have a wide fit from the bust down, much like a traditional Guatemalan Huipil of Marilla's Central American mother and family.

It was this last fact that truly had me intrigued. Long-time followers (all four of you) know that I feel a deep connection to Central America, having grown up speaking Spanish and traveling when I could in the region. In 2009 I tried my hand at refashioning traditional Mexican dresses while living in Mexico City, and many years before that I actually had a simple Huipil made for me in Guatemala. While there are certainly many ways to customize this pattern, I love the regional and deeply personal inspiration!

When Marilla called for pattern testers, I jumped at the chance. I've been a follower of her classic, fun style, and have recently enjoyed her makes such as completely hand sewn jeans (!!), beautiful hand-printed fabric, and now this chic dress/top pattern! The garment truly reflects her casual, well-dressed style, and can be made as either an easy dress or top, with or without the button placket. I was totally in!

The basis of this dress is a fabric from the wonderful Melizza at Pincushion Treats, who was my partner for Kestrel's Spring Sewing Swap (incidentally, she also just made a wonderful Latin-inspired dress). Something about the crisp whiteness and embroidered details of this fabric just seemed perfect for the pattern. I took advantage of the topstitching at the facings, placket and hem to add contrasting blue thread. The lines aren't perfect and look slightly "handmade" but in this case I really like that aspect - it lends a sort of folksy vibe to the dress.

I plan on making this up as a top several more times - it is so helpful to have a kimono-sleeve pattern because it uses such little fabric and is very quick to make. I'm sure you've noticed, but I tend to wear a lot of these! The only thing I would do differently next time is to make it narrower at the neckline to better fit my narrow shoulders. If you aren't as big of a fan of the loose drape, you could do the same.

I don't know if B will be appearing in all of my pics from now on, but she certainly is a good model! Here she is the first time she met her BFF Hannah at the park, right in the middle of our shoot :)


  1. Wow Meg! Your dress looks so dreamy. It'll wear well with all this crazy warm weather we are getting lately :)

  2. Beautiful dress!! Love the contrast top stitching!! Have to check out this pattern!

  3. Sweet! I love the fabric you chose. I will be sewing this pattern soon...

  4. Pretty! The white fabric is just perfect for the style.

  5. Such Nice choice of fabric, and you look so fresh with it! Lovely

  6. Great dress! I love that you used this blue thread for topstitching.

  7. Looks great! Perfect for dog walking :)


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