Men's Pants

Pattern: Thread Theory's Jedediah Pants
Fabric: Eco Twill Denim Blue
Cost: $17

In my household we joke that, while we both wear the pants, I'm the one that makes them. And while I don't sew all of Mr. Made's clothes, I do try to sneak in a few projects for him. These were a pair I made up for his birthday in December. He had originally picked out the fabric, but I realize now that it had been bought over a year prior. Oops! Anyway, birthdays are a good excuse to do some unselfish sewing.

I have written about Thread Theory's Jedediah Pants before, so there's not much new to report there. I like them because they're one of the few pants patterns available that actually go down to his size and have a slim, modern fit. For this pair I did tweak the fit at the hips and front fly area to be a bit more roomy while leaving the waistband snug (I had previously made everything snug, and now it was a bit too snug). Now that I've gotten the chance to do some more pants fitting on myself I think it would be fun to really fit this pattern to him, but there's never enough time when we're both hanging out at home to do it. 

For this pair, I wanted to follow the welt pocket tutorial on the Thread Theory blog, but I had already cut out my pants with a yoke, and their version requires that you convert the yoke into darts. However, that seam did give me the idea to do a sort of in-seam back pocket flap, and after a little googling I confirmed that this could be done. The line drawing for Vogue 8940 shows a pair of yoked mens pants with a pocket sewn into the yoke seam and covered with a flap. Of course, they don't offer a picture of said pockets, but luckily for me someone had posted an image on Sewing Pattern Review, which allowed me to copy the design.

As you've noticed, the color on these turned out a bit bright. Looking back now at my order I see that the sample on did look a bit darker. He has been wearing them a great deal though, mostly because he doesn't have a ton of pants for work, and then one of his 'more fashionable' students complemented them, so I think that gave him a morale boost!


  1. those look really great and I like that pocket in the yoke detail. might have to copy that :)

  2. These really do look great!!

  3. Nice! I like the brighter color, too.

  4. These turned out great -- what a lucky guy! I need to make sure my husband doesn't see this post -- I don't want him to get any ideas!

  5. Nice job on the pants - particularly on the pocket detail! They look really good on Mr. Made.

  6. Great pockets! Very clever adjustment!

  7. I have this pattern cut and still haven't made them for the mr. I think I need to get my act together...these are fabulous.


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