Meg Made May 2015 - Week 1

When I first heard of Me Made May in 2010 or 2011, I thought you had to wear entirely handmade outfits. I was completely intimidated and didn't participate until 2012 when I realized you could set your own challenge. Since then, I have been happily participating each May, wearing at least one handmade garment for the entire month.

Last year, however, a funny thing happened - after May ended I didn't stop. For the past year, most of my outfits have consisted of at least one handmade item and I finally felt myself tipping the scales towards a handmade wardrobe. A huge contributor to this was my steady interest in making pants. With the completion of my final two pairs of Ginger Jeans earlier this year, I started wearing almost entirely my own pants and haven't looked back since. Combine that with some handmade tops and I am finally ready to participate in Me Made May as I first imagined it: with full-on handmade outfits.
So, this year for Me Made May, I, Meg, endeavor to wear a handmade outfit consisting of at least two handmade separates (or the occasional dress) for the entirety of May.

What I like about Me Made May is the ability for everyone to choose their own sewing goals. Often I don't participate in certain challenges because the rules are too constricting or they don't fit in with my sewing plans. I find my hobby and wardrobe to be a very personal thing, and while some people choose to make the occasional beautiful party dress or spend months on the most intricate of jackets, others are completely obsessed with fashioning everyday basics for themselves. The fact that I tend more towards the latter is much more of a personal preference than a universal ideal. I hope you find it inspiring or relatable rather than intimidating, unrealistic, or boring!

In fact, many of you may recall that I recently had to give myself permission to buy a few clothes when I needed them. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the pressure I was putting on myself, and had to cut myself some slack. Accordingly, I did go out and buy some graphic tees and added a few new bras to my lingerie drawer. In general, however, I have found that I have not needed to buy too many things. Five years of steady sewing and learning have turned out quite a few gems that I enjoy wearing and that fit me well. It has also allowed me to find more things that fit my core style, and more and more garments are sticking around. These are the things I hope to showcase here over the coming month, and to showcase for myself how much joy and fulfillment this hobby has brought to my life.

With that said, here is my first week of outfits for MMM:

Friday - Bonnie Top & Peggy Pocket Skirt (a Bluegingerdoll Outfit!)
Saturday - Swing Jacket, blouse from Mexico, Ginger Jeans
Sunday - Swing Jacket, Ruffle TopGinger Jeans
Monday - Striped Top, Grey Ginger Jeans
Tuesday - First SweaterChambray ArcherGinger Jeans
Wednesday - Bonnie TopCamel Pants
Thursday - Ponte Blazer, data nerd shirt, Ginger Jeans

One thing you'll notice is that there are definitely some repeats in there. This is real life. On the weekends I generally loaf around in the same clothes, and I love my Gingers so much I pretty much wear them as much as I can when I know people won't notice. The other thing that stands out to me is the color palette. Clearly I am drawn to more neutrals, with lots of stripes, pops of denim and little bits of color. Hmm perhaps I have too much of a uniform lol.

That's it for now, next up is testing my Me Made vacation clothes.

Oh, and if you're drinking along with GOMI then drink four!


  1. Ah! I have the same Data Nerd t-shirt. New Relic?

    1. Haha yes! My friend's company had some to give out, and then I later found out I have another friend who works there. It's so soft!


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