Jasper Sweater Tunic

Pattern: Paprika Pattern's Jasper Sweater Dress
Fabric: 2 yds French terry
Cost: free from fabric swap

I have a confession to make: grad school has not been a good incentive to maintain a professional wardrobe. While full days of classes still see me in my classic pants and woven shirts combos and I still go to my real job in something mostly presentable, there are also entire days spent studying on the couch, venturing outside only to walk the dog or get groceries. There are also Fridays, the day I bike 9 miles roundtrip to attend just 50 minutes of class. On those days, I can't be bothered to bring a whole change of clothes, so instead I often find something I can just slip on over my tights. In the warmer months I brought knit dresses and some flats, but for winter I needed something a bit warmer. Thus the Jasper sweater tunic was born.

The Jasper is a fancy sweatershirt/sweater dress pattern from Paprika. I really like the unique collar as well as the seam lines and front welt pockets. The ones I've seen popping up on the internet are gorgeous. 

Mine is a bit simpler, made up in a French terry type knit that I got at the Bay Area Sewists last fabric swap (thanks Ryann!). To keep it from being a bit too much all in one color, I made the collar and cuffs out of the reverse side. Because the fabric has more stretch than the recommended fabric for the pattern, I also ended up taking in the sleeves and side seems at the bust for a better fit. The fabric is also much too drapey for the collar, so I ended up underlining the collar and the hem band in ponte. This gave the garment the weight it needed in those sections. 

For fit, I shortened the whole thing to be more of a tunic length - I like the proportions of this a lot better. I also shortened the sleeve by a good inch and they are still quite long. This is the second pattern I've had to shorten the sleeves on lately, so either long sleeves are in style or I am finally realizing I have dino arms!

The fit is now quite good, and I'm thinking I may make another one up in a sweatshirt fabric if the opportunity arises. I think it would be great for camping or other outdoor activity involving types and some warm layers. Not quite the height of fashion, but comfy and simple and easy for Friday's class. 


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