Christmas Top

Pattern: BurdaStyle's Tie-Front Blouse #118B
Fabric: 1 yd novelty print
Cost: $10

Well, the holidays have come and gone and I've already shown you Beatrix's Christmas Sweater, and now I've finally got around to taking photographs of my Christmas top, too. I had purchased this fabric over a year ago and planned to use it for last Christmas, but somehow the holiday had come and gone without any festive top sewing. It sat in the stash for another year, and this time I was determined to make it happen.

The print isn't exactly Christmas-themed, but the deer on the red background seemed just festive enough for me. The fiber content is of dubious quality, but it actually handled pretty well and does seem to have at least a partial cotton component. I bought it because it reminded me of a fun fast fashion print that you see in stores but can never quite get your hands on fabric-wise. I think it might make it to another Christmas yet!

I had one yard or less for the entire project, so I knew it had to be something small. I didn't want to do an overly simple blouse, so I turned to an old standby in BurdaStyle's Tie-Front Blouse, which I've made up twice before. Sadly the previous versions no longer exist due to poor fabric choices, but I really do like this pattern. I modified it to fit within the confines of my limited yardage by turning the sleeves into cut-on cap sleeves and shortening the ties, but otherwise it worked just fine. My drafting of the sleeves was a little sketch because I didn't fully take into account the gathers in the front neckline, but it doesn't seem too visible in the final fit. I must remember next time though to shorten the front neck slit, as it reveals a bit too much under that tie.

Even though it is a novelty print in a synthetic fabric, it is finished with French seams and narrow hems because, why not?

For Christmas we enjoyed a full meal and plenty of drinks at my aunt's house, and I finished off the night back at my place watching the original 1977 Star Wars with my parents and brother. And while it was really great to visit with so many people, I am now quite happy to have some peaceful days to myself (sewing, of course) before the semester starts.

Happy holidays to you however you celebrate them!


  1. This is so adorable and kudos to you for a 1 yd project! Glad your holiday was good.

  2. This is super cute! I love the fabric!


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