Vintage Simplicity Jacket

Pattern: Vintage Simplicity's Teens Jacket, Skirt and Blouse #6140
Fabric: stable sweater knit
Cost: $18

I'm not going to lie - vintage patterns make me nervous. I'm not the shape of a typical vintage lady (whatever that is - but apparently requires a much bigger bust!), and I haven't had that much success with vintage patterns in the past. While I love to look at them and I even own a few, they are not part of my typical sewing.

That all changed when I wanted to make a simple jacket to wear to work. I initially thought about buying Schnittchen's Coco Jacket of which I've seen some lovely versions, but it's such a simple shape that I thought I better have a look in my stash to see if I didn't already have a similar version. Enter this vintage Simplicity pattern, which I'm pretty sure I bought for its basic silhouettes. It had everything I needed for a lined jacket in my size, and even included bust, shoulder, and elbow darts for shaping. I decided to give it a try.

First let me say that I really enjoyed this pattern. The instructions for cutting and sewing were clear and helpful, and I really appreciated all the extra touches like instructions for interfacing the hem and jacket front. I did make a few modern adjustments such as using fusible interfacing and changing the lining to be slightly different than the jacket pieces using Jen's tutorial. I also widened the hips slightly and lengthened the jacket to suit me. The fit after that was surprisingly good, perhaps because this is a teen pattern and not a women's! I love the shoulder and elbow darts, too.

I wish I could tell you exactly what pattern this was, but it appears I have misplaced it and can't find it anywhere. We live in a 600sf one-bedroom apartment that I swear we keep pretty tidy, so I have no idea how this happened. However, it is very similar (if not identical-looking) to Simplicity 4600 from about the same year.

Edit: I found it! It's Simplicity #6140! It was in with the patterns, just filed in the wrong section :/

I took my time sewing this up evenings after school and it was quite an enjoyable process. I used several of the techniques I learned from my session with Beth, including tailor's tacks, thoroughly trimming and clipping my seams, and pressing key parts with a clapper. These techniques lined up nicely with the recommendations made in the pattern instructions. I'm really starting to understand the appreciation of vintage patterns!

The fabric, on the other hand, is not a conventional vintage style. It is made up in a knit design that I found at Fabric Outlet, which has a slight stretch. I liked the neutral colors that were visually interesting yet still conventional for the office. It is stabilized with interfacing and the lining, and works fine for these purposes. The lining is a simple black cotton poplin, with the contrasting side of the knit fabric used for the facings. After trying the jacket on, I decided I liked it as is without the buttons, and off it went with me to work!

I'm glad I finally had some success with a vintage pattern, and if I can ever find the damn thing again will keep it in my back pocket for next time. 


  1. wow that is so cute, love the fit and the fabric choice is so perfect for a versatile jacket. And the contrast facings, very nice.

  2. Looks fantastic, the fabric choice makes it look fresh and modern. Glad you enjoyed seeing this.

  3. Such a wonderful basic jacket! Your choice of textured fabric makes it even more Chanel! Well done.

  4. Great jacket Meg! Love the simplicity of the cut. And the fabric is perfect on this kind of pattern.


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