Staying Cozy!

Pattern: Style Arc's Genevieve Coat
Fabric: 3 yds sweater knit from Mood
Cost: $60

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope your are staying cozy. We took a trip out to the desert last week and had an amazing time hiking around, playing music with friends, and watching movies from a projector. And a few days ago we flew out to visit family in Texas. While the weather has been warmer over in Texas (75 degrees today!) in the desert temps were in the 40s. To stay warm, I brought along my new Style Arc Genevieve coat, made up in a decadent sweater knit. 

To accommodate the fabric which was both stretchy and in limited supply, I made a few modifications to the pattern. The Genevieve Coat has some great seaming, which I got rid of in favor of a simpler coat. I also shortened it, and eliminated the facings in favor of bound edges. I also extended the zipper a bit farther up the shoulder because it was long enough and why not. Someday I'd like to make this in a woven as intended - it looks beautiful.

What I like most about this jacket is its warmth and versatility. It can be worn zipped up, halfway down or left open. And for those wondering about my shirt in the first photo, it says - A woman's place is in the house and the senate. It's from Redbubble and I love it! (Not as great as handmade though of course).

Stay warm and have a merry Christmas!

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