Fall Sewing Plans

Packing up my closet at the beginning of this summer (we rented our place out while we were gone), I had a bit of a clothing crisis. I realized I really could do without the majority of my wardrobe. Next month when we head back, I'm seriously rethinking if I will put everything back or just pare down and start over.

Of course, there are some things I miss (especially my pants!), but a lot of the tops I have are disintegrating or ugly or just not fitting right. There are a lot of wearable muslins in there (hello four versions of the Granville shirt!) and some tops made from poor quality fabric that don't look that great after a few washes. Plus some things I've picked up at clothing swaps that were more experimental than permanent.

So I've spent this summer dreaming about some new things to add to my wardrobe. I'm giving button down shirts for work a bit of a break and focusing instead on knits to go with my Lazo trousers. I'm also hoping to make some shirts (and dresses!) that are more suitable for fun, and will feel special when I pull them out on a Friday night. Here are some things that have been on my mind:

First Row: 

  • Simplicity 8425 - I snapped a pic of a woman wearing a dress like this in Amsterdam - a deep V with a choker collar. Then I promptly saw several other women in the same thing. I think it's a fun take on the choker trend and a little bit sexy with that low neckline. 
  • McCall's 7429 - I have been missing a slim fitting jersey dress in my wardrobe, and I love the knot detail on this one. Burda might have a variation of this, too. 
  • Vogue 1126 - When I went shopping last month, I wanted a feminine, floral wrap dress. It's not a wrap dress, but I might pull this pattern out of my stash and see how I feel about the ruffle. 
  • New Look 6488 - I have resisted the sleeve/cold shoulder/whatever-you-want-to-call-it trend long enough. I am in love with this dress and very much wish I had it right now. 

Second Row:
  • Loose-fitting collared shirt - I've had some lace-ish fabric in my stash for quite some time now and I think I've finally figured out what to do with it. I will probably modify some existing pattern I have for this. 
  • TNT Top Pattern - I still need some basic knit tops for work, and a boatneck would be just dandy. 
  • TNT Pants Pattern - These tartan trousers from the Tessuti blog have me drooling. 

Bottom Row: 
  • BurdaStyle Blouse 3/2012 - I've been meaning to try this one out from my stash, and I have a scrap of silk that might work in a sleeveless style.
  • TBD Cape Top - I have been obsessed with this cape style shirt from Victoria Beckham for ages and think I may be finally close to figuring out how to draft my own.
  • DP Studio LE 600 - Another top idea I've been obsessed with, and finally found the right pattern for. It's a top that looks like it has an origami tie folded in! Too on the nose for a work place? We'll see. 

As I was dreaming up this post, I realized I had written another inspiration post from a fabric haul a while back. I wondered if I had even made anything from it, and actually surprised myself to discover that I had sewn up 3 of the 7, cut a 4th one out, and used the fabric from the 5th thing to make something else. Pretty good! Three of those items even made it into my suitcase for traveling, so they have gotten a lot of wear. We'll see if this new batch of ideas holds my interest when I get back in September.


  1. I like your sewing plans. I just purchased the Simplicity 8425. I am liking this look.

  2. Hey Meg! Love your selection! I've been intrigued by the DP Studio patterns. I wish I could buy it here in the US and avoid the high shipping rates!

  3. Nice seeing plans. You will be well dressed this fall :) Abbey


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