Happy Halloween!

If you don't know, we are big TV nerds in this house. While Mr. Made and I spend plenty of time on creative pursuits, we also love sitting down at the end of a long day to watch some good TV. West World, Master of None, Bojack Horseman, House of Cards, Stranger Things, Fargo, we've watched it all. And, of course, we love us some Game of Thrones. So this year, after binging our way through the seventh season, I decided to sew us up some GoT costumes. Enter Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and her dragon. 

Admittedly, they are a bit dorky. Our wigs were pretty cheap and poofy, and Mr. Made complained his cape fur wasn't fluffy enough. But we have had a good time dressing up and going to costume parties. My costume is a combination of a corset with long tails and a t-shirt pattern. Mr. Made got a simple cape with darts and a t-shirt tunic. Both were made in stable knits from the discount section of Stone Mountain - affordable and I didn't have to finish any seams!

As usual, I put the most effort into Beatrix's costume. She just makes the cutest little dragon. She is also remarkably tolerant. As long as she isn't too hot, she'll pretty much wear anything for a few hours. I think she likes all of the attention. 

The fabric really makes the costume - it's from Cali Fabrics, which locally is the brick and mortar shop Fabric Outlet. The pattern is a dog coverall from Milla Milla combined with their hoodie sweatshirt pattern. The reason I love this company is that they have sizing for different dog breeds, so I can get one that fits my little bowling ball. Of course, I've been sewing for her for a few years now and have made some adjustments particular for her, and so now sewing things up goes rather quickly.

The real challenge with this pattern was creating the wings. I used galvanized utility wire from the hardware store and inserted it into channels in the wings. It behaved remarkably well, and I could see this being really fun for future Halloween costumes. I also inserted some into the tail to give it some shape. The wings can also be worn separately for an easier costume.

Hope you are having fun and making the most of this little holiday. Happy Halloween!


  1. This is awesome! We don't have a party this year, and this TIME of year is stressful for 2 high school teachers (midterm testing, grading, and comments) but we've enjoyed discussing couple-costumes we'd like to make 'one day' - and yours are great!

  2. OK this is the best costume collection I have seen this year. And the wigs are just the right amount of dorky to make it perfect. Wow you all look great, and the dog outfit is beyond fantastic. So cute!!


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