Sleeveless Presto! Top

Here's a quickie for you today. Another Presto! Popover Top. This is my second version, squeezed out of some remnants of a sweater knit with little cut on sleeves to make it work.

Pattern: Naughty Bobbin's Presto! Popover Top
Fabric: lightweight sweater knit
Cost: $5

As I recall, I accidentally sewed the center seam off center and had to unpick and redo, so it was touch and go there for a minute. I like the drape and I like the color, but I'm unsure about the durability of the fabric. It seems to be pilling already, so we'll see if it makes it through the ruthless clothing purge I've been doing lately. It was a remnant from the fabric bin, so maybe I should have just passed this one up.

I will conquer the Presto Popover top some day!

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