Perth Top and My Menswear Obsession

I have determined that this is the year I return to sewing things with interesting details. I'm a fairly standard size and I sometimes wonder, what's the point of making things yourself if you aren't getting something unique in the process?

Pattern: Carolyn and Cassie's Perth Dress and Blouse
Fabric: 1 1/2 yds rayon blend
Cost: $16.50

But before I tell you about this blouse, I have to tell you about the menswear top obsession that led me here. You see, for the past year or so I've been drooling over these crazy top-with-tie blouses. I wasn't sure for what occasion I'd wear them, but I loved the pattern magic of creating a tie from nothing at the front of a blouse.

Source: Pattern Magic Book 2Moldes Edicas ModaVisie ClothingDP Studio

The original pattern pictured at left is from Pattern Magic Book 2, with the middle two shirts drafted from that or using a similar method. I love those middle ones because, unlike the one from the book, they don't use a seam line to create the tie. However, I never took the time to really work all that folding out for myself (though if you are so inclined you might be able to work out some instructions from this page or this one).

After staring at the first three designs for some time, I was really excited to find the DP Studio blouse on the right. With its collar and center pleat, it mimics the look of a tie without really being one. However, there are several aspects of the pattern that kept me from pulling the trigger. For one, I didn't like the gathering at the waist. And I wasn't sure about all those other pleats at the neckline. Or maybe I would like them?

Anyway, I stalled enough thinking about this design to finally come across the release of blogger Carloyn's Perth Dress and Top. After thinking about it for a few days, I went for it! It is much more simple than my inspiration pictures, but that also meant it would take less time and be much more wearable. Finally, I had my menswear top!

To make it as menswear and business-y as possible, I made this up in a white shirting. It is a rayon blend so it has a bit more drape than a standard shirt, and I think that works well for this design. Carolyn has mentioned that getting the drape right can be a big part of making this shirt.

I also lengthened just about everything on the blouse part. It is full length instead of cropped, and I hemmed the sleeves with a narrow hem so they are longer than drafted. The longer sleeves are a bit out of my norm, but I'm really loving the whole thing! It hangs nicely off the body and feels like it is the right size. Plus, look at that lovely shirt-style back.

I wore this out for the first time to facilitate a meeting with some company bigwigs and felt comfortable and myself the whole time. For me, it is just the right amount of detail to be interesting but not distracting in a semi-casual business setting like San Francisco.

Would you wear the Perth blouse to a meeting, or is it too out there?


  1. It looks perfect for a business meeting! Nice rendition!

  2. I love this shirt! It's perfect for a meeting, I'd say :)

  3. The blouse looks great on you and in white, it's perfectly suited to a meeting


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