Wedding Dress Sewing: The final dress!

Ok, I can't hold off sharing any longer. You've been following me for months on this wedding dress project of mine. So here she is, all done and ready to walk down the aisle.

Before I dive into the dress details, I want to start off by saying that we had a total blast at our wedding. It was incredible! Our family and friends were there, the weather was perfect, the speeches had me laughing and crying (sometimes at the same time), and our friends' band had everyone on the dance floor. We finished out the night with a beach bonfire before retreating to a luxurious little honeymoon suite. And while the excitement and wedding nerves made it hard to fall asleep (did you see your dad trying to dance with your mom? can you believe they hid pirate's booty in the sand? do you think the photographer captured the kazoos?), we woke up the next day as a blissfully happy couple.

It appears it will take us some time to get our photos back, so I wanted to share a few shots I have of the final dress, so as not to keep you all in suspense.

First up, the dress form shot:

Ms. Dolly the dress form doesn't quite have the hips I do, but otherwise she shows off the dress quite nicely. I love the dramatic sweep of the skirt and the way the sheer, beaded bodice shows off the sweetheart neckline. I added a little, beaded belt at the waist for the transition.

Here is the skirt from the back, un-bustled on the left and bustled on the right. The back skirt has got to be one of my favorite features. I love that it looks just as elegant and intentional both ways. All that beaded tulle was definitely fun to play with.

I also have a few candid iPhone shots that my relatives have sent me from the day of. Here I am walking down the aisle with my parents.

And don't forget the Mr. with his parents, too. (Doesn't his mom just look so happy?!)

And we made it to the alter on a surprisingly clear beach day in July.

I'll update you all in a few months when I have the professional shots, but for now this saga is coming to a close and I'm getting on with some every day sewing!

For now, I'll leave you with a moment that still has me grinning from ear to ear: our kazoo processional!


  1. wow! looks gorgeous, what a beautiful day and the dress is so fantastic. And I notice that your bouquet picks up some of the colors in the lace, very nice.

  2. Beautiful dress, well worth all the effort you put into it. The kazoo processional is definitely unique!

  3. You look beautiful! the dress is amazing, congrats on your lovely wedding!


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