Happy Halloween!

I'm not going to deny it, I LOVE making costumes. It makes me gleeful to reproduce all the little details in fabric, whether it be monster fur or a sea animal. This year was no different. We were going to outer space!

The idea, of course, started with the dog. Like kids' sewing, everything is cuter in miniature. We also attend a dog costume show and beer fest every year and, while we never win, I'm always trying to think of ways to outdo myself.

So Beatrix is going as Laika, the first Russian cosmonaut dog is space. The details on this costume were really fun. I finally nailed her bodysuit/onesie pattern, this time with quilted legs for a space suit look. I also special ordered patches from Amazon for that CCCR vibe. Her rockets are made from soda bottles and fans, with a plastic fishbowl to complete the look. She is a very patient dog.

After getting invited to a few parties, I realized we would need costumes as well. We chose a very American variation of the theme, deciding to go as Space Force, the proposed new branch of the military by our idiot in chief.

While I am perfectly capable of sewing us some onesies, I instead ordered us some painter coveralls and a gazillian space-themed patches. The look was completed by a trip to the hardware store, where I threw anything that looked like it belonged on a spaceship into my basket.

My favorite is the rockets, a joint effort between the Mr. and me. While B's has fans, ours light up with tiny tea lights that give a nice little orange flicker. Overall, it was a lovely excuse to stay in all weekend and do crafts.

What are you all doing for Halloween? Are you ever too old for a good Halloween costume? And have you weighed in yet on 7 Pine Design's thoughts on how well a costume needs to be sewn?

Happy Halloween!


  1. That is so adorable! Really clever costumes!

  2. i love these so clever. and you are right that is one patient dog!

  3. I LOVE reading your blog, you have a fabulous imagination! Love, love the spacesuits & as for Beatrix, she is DEFINITELY a patient dog & most definitely a WINNER!!!

  4. Oh my god that dog!! I can’t believe you didn’t win with that. What could beat it! Also I have to look up this costume contest and brew fest. I’m not a Halloween person but with a scene like that I think I could be!

    1. It's always the Saturday before Halloween at Jack London in Oakland. Very relaxed, and usually beautiful out!


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