Work Wardrobe Plans

After neglecting the rest of my wardrobe for the past eight months to sew my wedding dress, I was itching to sew up some simple, easy pieces for work. I started a new job at the beginning of this year that's mostly remote, so I needed some casual, comfortable pieces to make getting dressed in the morning more fun.

Before I could get started, though, I needed to organize my thoughts and match things up with what's in my stash. I had seen a lot of people sketching things online, so one night I sat down and had fun working up a croquis and tracing my ideas on top. Here's what's up next in my sewing queue:

Reversible Dress: My mom gave me this beautiful plaid double gauze that's sat on my shelf for a while now. At first, I wasn't feeling the plaid, but one day I turned it over and realized the other side was a beautiful blue and white stripe. I was going to feature that fabric but then I thought, why not make something reversible? Figuring out the back zip and the seam finishes will be the most challenging part of this simple dress

Style Arc Madeleine: I love the shaping of this Style Arc Ponte Top, which gives a bit of interest to an otherwise simple shirt. I would love to tuck it under a blazer for a work meeting or wear it as-is on a warm day. I may also make one up in white.

Style Arc Dimity: This idea started with the fabric, and I've been trying to find something interesting to do with it. I like that this Style Arc Top, which is a simple boxy tee but with some interesting neck gathers. Made up in a stable knit, I think it will be comfy and easy to wear.

Ruffle Top: I was wearing a loose-fitting white t-shirt the other day and wondering why I didn't have more. To dress it up a little, I'm going to try the sleeve ruffles trend. I'll make it up in a free fabric I got at a swap in case I don't end up liking it.

Pants: Finally, I bought loads of stretch bottom-weight fabric at Stone Mountain and really need some more pants in my wardrobe. I'm going to start with these blue ones. With the right details, they should work equally well in a client meeting as hopping on my bike to ride to the office.

Oh and I almost forgot! I also have plans to sew up the SBCC Rickey Blazer in a navy fabric in my stash. Even though the pattern is drafted for petites, I love the collar and shape so much I'll un-petite it just so I can sew it up.

Actually that reminds me, I've also ordered the Victory Patterns Ulysses Trench to pair with a wool I have in stash. I was really inspired by this coat and am determined to use the trench pattern for a similar effect. I won't sew this one up though until after the fall though, when we usually have our warmest weather lasting through early November. And of course since writing the first part of this paragraph, I have also purchased another coat fabric on sale at Stonemountain and Daughter.

Ok, well I think that's plenty to keep me busy for quite some time! Do you have any cool patterns or ideas you're working on?


  1. The double cloth sounds wonderful. I've used it before and made flat-fell seams on all the garments. It works very well. I'd make a dress that doesn't require a zipper. I look forward to seeing your garments. You've got a full autumn ahead of you.

  2. Looks like a great plan! Thank you so much for mentioning the Rickey jacket. It's exactly what I've been looking for!!


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