A few years ago, I made a beloved jumpsuit that was the perfect piece for a night out. I wore it to the wrap party of a short film, to a casual NYE party, and any other time I wanted to feel cute and put together but not overdressed. However, being as it was self-drafted, there were some fitting issues and the whole thing always was a bit heavy. I eventually donated it, but have felt the hole in my wardrobe ever since.

Enter, the popular new Deer and Doe Sirocco jumpsuit.

Pattern: Deer and Doe's Sirocco
Fabric: 2+ yds Dear Stella's Dabs (cotton/spandex)
Cost: free fabric from swap

This pattern is everything I was looking for in a new jumpsuit. While I don't usually buy new patterns on their release day, I rushed to add this to my cart. A few weeks later, I have sewn it up and am wearing it as I type - layered with a cropped jean jacket, it is the perfect outfit for lunch with coworkers and dinner with friends later tonight.

What do I love about this jumpsuit? Let me count the ways! For one, it fit perfectly straight out of the envelope; all I had to do was grade between sizes based on my measurements. Just look at how it hugs my swayback! The front doesn't gape, it nips in my waist just so, and it is long enough in the torso. Plus it has everyone's favorite thing - pockets. I think Deer and Doe draft for pear shapes, which is perfect for me.

The fabric was something I picked up for free at a fabric swap last year. The selvage says it is Dear Stella brand. I looked it up online and saw that it is the Dabs print in cotton/spandex, which is still available. I might have to buy more from them as I just love the print! In fact, it had become a bit of a "precious" fabric and I couldn't quite put my finger on what it wanted to be until this pattern. It is primarily black like my last jumpsuit, but the dabs give it some character.

I had about a yard less than the recommended amount, plus I was lengthening the sleeves to three-quarter length, so I had to be really economical with my fabric layout. There were only scraps left when I was done with it, plus you can see some of the writing from the selvage on the underarm and inner leg. I may have also cut the legs slightly off grain, but it seems to not have affected the fit. The pockets were the only thing that didn't make the cut - I cut them from a black knit I had on hand. I actually rather like that bit of contrast, so we'll call it a design feature.

The fit at the waist is wonderful and I like how it shows off my figure as compared to some of the boxier jumpsuit patterns out there. The legs are a bit wider than my last jumpsuit, but they are growing on me. The fit is really marvelous through the legs, and as a pants-making junky this is something I really appreciate. There's no bunching or weird draglines for me! I'm also glad I lengthened the sleeve to three-quarter length, which is more my style.

Here's how I'm wearing it out of the house in a few minutes - paired with a cropped jean jacket. The jacket is actually a second-hand kids' XL OshKosh jacket  😂. I do like the fit.

This was my first outift of Me Made May. As in years' past, I'm hoping to show off my "me-mades" along with my second-hand clothes. I don't shop much in clothing stores, but I do supplement my handmade wardrobe with items from clothing swaps. It's fun to try out new shapes that way or pick up things that come along that would've taken me days to make. Happy May everyone!


  1. this is so cute and your fit is spot on (ha ha pun intended) with your dotty fabric! I am so tempted by this pattern as well.

  2. So cute! I scooped this pattern up too and can't wait to make it for summer.


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